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Working With Anger

If you're here looking for resources for working with your anger, we'd like to say that we recognize the courage that takes, and encourage you to keep going.  The decision to admit that we have an anger problem and commit to work compassionately with it can be a difficult one, but it can also transform our lives.

Watch Russell Kolts' TEDx talk on Anger, Compassion, and What it Means to be Strong

This portion of is devoted to providing resources to assist individuals using Compassion-Focused Therapy to work with their Anger.  The materials and information here are offered freely to all, but are designed to be used alongside the book The Compassionate Mind Guide to Managing Your Anger, or for individuals participating in the True Strength: Using Compassion-Focused Therapy to Work with You Anger groups.  This part of the site is in development, so check back for updates. These resources are not meant as a substitute for treatment with a trained psychotherapist. 

You can download the resources by clicking on the links at the left side of this page (audio files will open in your browser - to save them on your hard drive, simply go to "file" and select "save page as...").  Currently I've posted mp3 files and forms which you may find useful as you utilize Compassion-Focused Therapy in working with anger.  They are organized with mp3 files at the top, and forms toward the bottom. I will continue to post mp3 versions of the exercises featured in The Compassionate Mind Approach to Managing Your Anger as they become available.  To keep costs down so that I can make them available for free, I've produced the mp3 files at home, many of them in one take - so listening to them is very close to what my therapy clients might experience in a session (with the occasional misstatement, et cetera!).  I'll continue to post additional mp3 versions of the exercise as I can, so that there will be a growing library of resources - please check back occasionally!

If you live in the Spokane area and are interested in participating in individual or group therapy using Compassion-Focused Therapy to help you work with your anger, please contact us using the information on the 'contact' page.

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